Many are the expos and artists that have passed through Mundaka BC. And all of them have left their mark and are part of who we are today.

Renowned painters such as our Enrike Zubia, permanently present in his private corner of MBC, and Gorka Gondra, a basque painter based in Paris, or our Josu Cabriada and Imanol R. Lecosais.

Big photographers like Carlos Orue, whose work is currently on display, Pierre Capdeville, Arkaitz Solagaistua, Iratxe Unzueta and our dear Leire Mendizabal and Jon Fonda.

Multidisciplinary reference artists such as Rober Garay, Naiel Ibarrola, Andrea Abalia and Lander A. Luzarraga.

Thematic exhibitions such as MAYDAYTERRANEO by Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario, LA LEGEND DE LA CIDRA by Sidrería Astarbe, AZALETATIK SUSTRAIETARA by Amets Rodriguez and UHAINA SURF & ART by the great Nora Cucurull.

Books have also been protagonists. Writers such as Juan Antonio Urbeltz, Álvaro Urkiza, Pedro Ibarrola. Aída García Bildósola and the magic of Rober Garay & Fernando Palazuelos have passed through MBC, to share their works with us.

And we must not forget the MUNDAKAKO ARATUSTEAK exhibition, which is common in our space.

And this Christmas comes… MUNDAKATIK URDAIBAIRA. A photographic exhibition of @bare_zaharra. Photography in essence, Urdaibai in essence. A special exhibition. Perhaps it is the most special … 

 Don’t photograph things as they appear. Photograph them as you feel them. David alan harvey

When people ask me what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes. Anonymous

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